Many of you reading this may already know that both Mark Douglas and I are partial to felines - but we are also compassionate animal advocates as well - having rescued a number of dogs and cats from breeding mills and abandonment.

Several years ago our cat Ravi sat staring out of the back door at something on the patio - it was another cat meowing to come inside.  Now this was not unusual in our neighborhood - a few of the neighbors had cats that they let outside to roam, but I had never seen this cat before.  He was clean and healthy, so I knew it had to be someone's cat - however it had no collar.  I brought it inside and fed it - he was really hungry, then I put up posters alerting the neighborhood that I had 'found' a cat and included my contact details.  Several days went by with no calls - and we realized that the cat had been "dropped" off and abandoned.  Although it was a very friendly cat, it was impossible for us to keep him because we already had three cats.  And, unlike dogs, cats can be very territorial - so we set about finding "Prince" a new home.  A good friend mentioned The Hermitage Cat Shelter in Tucson, Arizona to us, so we drove down there (we were living in Scottsdale at the time) to take a look at the facility. 

The facility is extremely well-run, the staff are professional, the rooms for the cats are clean and tidy - and the cats in residence are friendly and came to greet us as we walked through.  The Hermitage has "rooms" for all types of felines - young and old, ill and healthy, overweight, or any other type of malady - and each room or area is geared toward making their lives as happy as they can be - with no cages; all the cats can roam throughout the areas freely.

The Hermitage is the first, and only, "no-kill" - cage-free feline shelter in Arizona.  It is the only shelter that does not house the cats in cages at all.  It was founded in the 1960s and continues forward to this day.  It truly is a very special place for felines awaiting a new and forever home.  Mark and I were very comfortable with placing "Prince" there, once a space opened up for him. ( The Hermitage does not have unlimited space to receive new residents.)

Since that first visit we have had occasion to visit The Hermitage again with other "lost" kitties - and The Hermitage has done a fantastic job in finding what were our temporary feline visitors, new loving and forever homes.  I can't say enough good about them, and I include them in my charitable donations regularly.    The Hermitage was Mark's favorite charity, and one he was passionate about serving.

PLEASE NOTE - The Hermitage is run 100% on personal donations - meaning, they do not receive any monies from any state or federal agencies.  When you get a moment, please take time to visit their website - and consider making a donation or joining their sponsor program.  You can make a donation in Honor Of, or in Memory Of, or Sponsor a Cat - you can Adopt (!), or visit their Wish List
You will be glad you did!

Click here for more information, or simply click on The Hermitage logo above.

"Prince" - found a loving home thanks to The Hermitage!

Sweet and tiny "Simon" - found a loving home thanks to The Hermitage!

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"Cutie-Pie" - rescued from a puppy mill by Mark.

"Tigger" - the cat who
rescued Mark!

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