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New Thought Institute

What does "new thought" mean?  That's simple.  It means that each and every morning we have the ability to wake up and live a new day in a new way - if we so desire and choose.  It entails thinking for you, for yourself first to achieve your goals.  For without personal achievement, you cannot be or do much good for others.  In other words, the 'road less traveled' is the path that you choose to embark upon.   Meaning, you can choose to do what you want, think how you want, and live your life the way you feel you should.  Not how anyone else feels you should, or tells you to do.

Here at the New Thought Institute, as well as within our Animal Ministry Institute, co-founder Paula T. Webb, herself an ordained independent minister, provides those who wish to deepen their connection to God, country, and the community whether human, plant or animal - with programs and skills to achieve that set of goals you have.

Our "Independent Grace" program takes you through what it means to be an 'independent' minister - meaning a minister with little to no affiliation or employment with a specific church.  The program is designed to assist you in more fully understanding most of the world's more well-known faiths, breaking their tenets down into a simple, easy dialogue for anyone whether new or not so new to the spiritual life, to incorporate into their faith perspective.  Click here for the course Synopsis.  Along with the lessons described in the Synopsis, there are other books - or portions thereof - that are required to complete the program.  These other materials will be given to you when you purchase the program book.  You can choose to also send a Final Thesis to be considered a "graduate" of this program, although it is continuing education only.

Whether brand new to the field of ministry, or brushing up how to navigate through today's ever-changing spiritual climate - even for just yourself - you will find this program illuminating and validating!

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