What is Intellectual Property?

And why does it need to be protected?

The definition of Intellectual Property - or "I.P." is simple.    I.P. is any material that is original.  Meaning, if you write a book from your own experiences, or a novel, or a children's book - or maybe you have written song lyrics, or poetry - or even a 'manual' of some sort or type of guidebook.  Anything that you have written yourself ~ is considered original ~ and Intellectual Property.  This is according to the U.S.  Copyright and Trademark Offices. 

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Intellectual Property Protection

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So, you might ask, why does any I.P. that you create have to be "protected?"  Again, that is simple.

We live in a world today where most people (and not just 20-somethings or millenials) are used to downloading just about anything they may be looking for on the Internet for free.  Just about everyone today has downloaded some type of materials whether a recipe, or a DIY project, or a 'how-to' manual from the Internet, or  music, or  movies, or  graphics and so forth, again for free.

However, when it comes to your book, your song lyrics, your manual whatever written materials you have created and have decided to sell, you have to be careful just where that hard work that you have done is posted, and how it is posted.  You need to decide whether or not you want to get paid for your work.  If you do want to receive royalties/payment from your materials, then you must have certain protection policies in place before you post anything on the Internet.

For instance, once you have completed your I.P., a registration with the U.S. Copyright is an absolute.  This is a simple process done on-line for a small fee with the Copyright Office.  What this does is establish you as the creator, the author, of your own materials which may come in handy if someone or some organization decides to try and pirate your materials for their own financial gain, but even more importantly try and stop you from using your own materials.  (Please contact our office for more information about this.)  GPH can assist you with this process if you have never registered anything with the Copyright Office before.

Next, once you have registered your materials, and decided how to publish them the next step in protecting your materials is to monitor where your products are being posted or sold.  Meaning, if you look on Amazon.com, you will find many "re-sellers" who post new or used books for sale.  These sellers may be legitimate book-sellers ~ but some are not.  With our expertise through our association with I-P-Infringement.com we can keep your sales ~ your sales, and not sales to thieves, also known as Internet Pirates. 

You might ask, what is an Internet Pirate?  An Internet Pirate, or what others may call "cyber-villains" is a person or organization that illegally copies books, music CDs, DVDs, professional manuals, etc. and sells them on the Internet to make money for themselves or their organization.  If this type of piracy occurs, I-P-Infringement.com can assist you in getting the piracy taken down off the Internet.

One of the ways to limit this type of theft is to regularly monitor the places where your products are sold.  This can be done weekly, monthly or annually through the services available at I-P-Infringement.com.  References are available upon request.

For more information you can contact our office or I-P-Infringment.com

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