Director, Robin Morini  has been noted for her illustrations in the acclaimed book Dragon Lore; her artistry is also well-known as the illustrator in Life with Grace and more.  As a regular illustrator for authors, Robin also brings to the public several mediums of her art ~ original art from her studio located in Florida such as the Shaggy Trilogy, the Inspired Art of Elondra, the lively Dragons Book of Days Journal, the whimsical Cat Journal—From my Window, the long-awaited Cosmic Trails, and much more - available in print, Kindle and media art.

Director Emeritus, Conrad L. Webb was an independent consultant to the oil and gas industry beginning in the mid-1950s.  As a self-taught chemist, and creator of 10 chemical lacquers used in the industry, owner of two patents licensed to international conglomerates, his background in formulating, and securing his products in the global marketplace made his contributions to our parent company Global Publishing House informative, and key, to our client-base understanding the importance of protecting their Intellectual Property through our expertise in contractual negotiation.

Mark Douglas

Co-Founder, Paula T. Webb  has been at the forefront of the independent publishing industry since forming GPH in 2002.  Initially geared toward publishing materials by selected authors in the investment and faith-based arenas, due to popular demand, the decision was made to open the doors of GPH to the general public in 2014.  As an award-winning author herself; with over 20+ years in the investment and corporate arenas working with some of the most successful traders and CEOs in the U.S. today, Paula has been invited to give testimony to popular authors such as Swami Kriyananda.  She has been invited to create archival websites for the International New Thought Alliance to bring their materials to the public forefront.  She has been instrumental in bringing the field of Humane Leadership into the forefront with her AMI program, as well as assisting newly ordained ministers deepen their spiritual perspective through the NTI program.  Not only as content creator, Paula is expert at negotiating and constructing contracts to ensure your Intellectual Property is safeguarded.   Paula brings to you the professional expertise you want to achieve your spiritual, personal, and publishing goals.

Paula T. Webb

  New Thought Institute Executive Team

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Conrad L. Webb

Director Emeritus

Rev. Robin A. Morini

Co-Founder, Mark Douglas is popularly recognized as one of three leaders in the field of trading psychology (the others being Paula T. Webb and Dr. Van K. Tharp); and a founder of the trading coach industry.  He is an award-winning author of investment industry classics co-written with Paula, "The Disciplined Trader™" and "Trading in the Zone™" published through the Penguin Random House Group, as well as a number of other books and products published through GPH such as "The Complete Trader."  His expertise in creating, and negotiating publishing contracts is instrumental in keeping Global Publishing House as a leader as the foremost information portal for first-time authors, as well as authors who may be seeking other venues to produce their Intellectual Property.

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