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To be "published" means that as an author, or musician, or professional writer, or screen-play writer, you have created something that no one else has ~ and you may sell it on Amazon, or choose to give it away to friends and family, maybe license it to a large company or organization, or post it for free on the Internet, or produce it through a movie studio ~ whatever medium you choose ~ to allow other people to buy, rent, or use your materials.  This is a personal choice that only you can decide - for you.

We live in a world today where most people are used to downloading things for free.   Here at GPH we can assist you in determining just "how" you want your original materials to be found ~ in other words, we help you decide if you want to get paid for your hard work, or are you simply in this game for fun.

Either way is good for you!  And that is our approach ~ providing the highest quality information for you to be able to publish or license or produce what you want and how.

For instance, if you want to publish your Memoirs or a Family Tree or History in a professional, quality product to give away to family and friends ~ then GPH is the publishing house for you.    We will steer you in the most appropriate direction to make that happen.

If you want to sell your product or materials and get your name known, then we can advise you as to which publishing program to choose from, and your name will soon be circulating the search engines from your personal page on ~ which is the world's largest bookseller ~ who we work with exclusively. 

If you want to explore the Independent Film industry - give us a call.  We currently are working on the screenplay for, "Tender Offers - Book One" by Crystal Russell, and another related feature based on the upcoming book "The Dark Trader"  beginning in 2022.

GPH is the only publishing house dedicated to assist you in publishing and licensing and producing your materials - "the way you want!"

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So, once you are close to completing - or have completed your book, poetry, artwork calendars, business program, artistic journal, songs, lyrics, screen play etc. - take a look at our website and services to see how we may benefit you with your dreams!  We are here to assist you in whatever it is you choose to do with your materials ~ and we will provide you with the most effective and professional expertise to help you do so!

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First and most importantly, unlike just about every other publishing house ~ whether mainstream or subsidiary ~ here at Global Publishing Houseyou get to decide "how" you want your materials published ~ and, you choose how far you want to go in terms of marketing, licensing, and promoting your product! 

  • one-on-one relationships
  • transparency
  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • expertise
  • We will help you publish or license or produce what you want, and the way you want!

These are the types of unique services you will not find at the other publishing houses ~ and that is what sets us apart from all the others!