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Here at GPH we feel that anyone who wants to be published or become an independent film-maker ~ should be!  Meaning, you have the option to decide whether you want to "give" your original materials away for free, or you want to try to make a living by selling them, or at least create a passive income from your hard work.  And we believe that whatever you choose is a good thing and right for you.  These are three simple decisions that every creative person has to know ~ before they step into any type of publishing or creative genre.

We assist you in not only understanding the difference between making money from your materials vs. allowing them to be given away for free; we also provide you with expert advice on how to go about publishing, producing,  promoting  and possibly licensing your work once you decide which avenue you want to travel down.

Meaning, if you are looking to publish your materials for friends and family that's great!  And, if you want to publish and sell your materials, that is great too!    If you want to produce an independent film for fun or profit - that's great!

Global Publishing House will assist you either way.   Here at GPH, we are dedicated to assist you in publishing or producing - what you want.  Why?  Because we want to see you make your dreams come true - make your dreams a reality.

At GPH our specialists have decades of expertise within the publishing industry some specialists have published books, annual calendars and journals, some have created professional programs that have been licensed to large organizations or companies, and some have even simply printed books for their family and friends to enjoy so here at GPH we know what can be done, and we are here to help you become published.

Keep in mind we are unique because we are not a "cookie-cutter" production house. 

We believe that everyone has a vision and a voice that can be heard and we do our best to make that vision come true.  Call our offices today to set up an appointment to speak with one of our production professionals.

Call or contact our offices - you will be glad you did!

Our Services

The professional services that our Executive Director Paula T. Webb provides you include:

  • Initial Consultation  - free consultation!
  • Copyright and Trademark - information about, and assisting you with registrations if needed
  • Advice on which publishing route, if any,  to take - based on what your publishing dreams are
  • Contract negotiations
  • Advice on Independent Films
  • Advice on Licensing your program or materials to corporations or groups
  • Top-notch protection from Internet Piracy -  through our association with to protect your published materials and royalties

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